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  • How do I know if The Shooting Comet will fit at my venue?
    The Shooting Comet is 10’ long, 6’ wide and about 9’ tall. She's primarily for outdoor events but if an indoor venue has large enough doors we may be able to squeeze her in! It's best to let us contact your venue to work with their staff to determine if our Comet can be accommodated indoors. If you are interested in having our Comet in your private yard or barn, we can discuss via e-mail or phone, or we would be happy to come meet to have a look!
  • What is the venue required to supply?
    We will need (1) dedicated 15A 120V receptacle located within 50' of where the photo booth will be set up. If you want to have heat in the photo booth we will need a second dedicated receptacle with the same requirement. We also need enough room to deliver our Comet into place with a standard size SUV. We are happy to talk to your venue coordinator directly about these requirements if needed.
  • How far do you travel?
    We are based out of Ada, MI. We will happily travel throughout the Greater West Michigan area. There is a travel fee for driving distances beyond 30 miles from our home base. We are always up for an adventure, though, so if you are further away, call or e-mail to discuss!
  • What if it rains?
    We will be keeping an eye on the forecast leading up to your event! If there is a minor chance of rain or light rain, we are happy to ride it out with you, and we have a way to cover our props.
  • What if it's cold or hot out on the day of my event?
    We know there are days in October that can be freezing. For those cold days, we will supply a space heater inside for you and your guests. For heat, we need a second 15A 120V power supply provided from the venue.
  • How many people can fit in The Shooting Comet?
    We can comfortably fit 8-10 people on the benches inside Our Comet’s 27" monitor will preview the photos for you so you can make sure everyone fits into the photo! The amount of people we can fit uncomfortably has yet to be determined :-)
  • I Love The Shooting Comet! Can I use her in my photography shoot
    Yes! Our Comet makes a fantastic backdrop to your engagement photos, senior portraits and holiday mini sessions. Let us accessorize and stage your shoot in your chosen location. Contact for more details!
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