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Best reasons for having a photo booth at your wedding

Reason #1 ~ Perfect for Breaking the Ice

Aside from a dance floor, most wedding guests find themselves hanging with the same people who were at their table. A photo booth creates the perfect opportunity for bride and groom’s family and friends to mingle. The photo booth environment entices guests to embrace their silly side making it easier to socialize with people they might have met that same day.

Our vintage Comet photo booth has also had a very consistent (and unexpected) theme when we go to events and that is how much nostalgia she invokes. It’s not at all uncommon to have five or six people standing around at a wedding chatting about how their family used to have a canned ham trailer and reminiscing about how many happy memories they made in it. People who were complete strangers now find themselves engaged in a conversation about their joyful memories. It’s really cool to see that happen time and time again!

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